Monitoring and Tracking Toolkit

Help your patients embark on a beautiful journey to self-discovery with our Monitoring and Tracking Toolkit! 🚀📊



Help your patients embark on a beautiful journey to self-discovery with our (all white label) Monitoring and Tracking Toolkit! 🚀📊


Toolkit Perks:


  • Superb Presentation (32 slides): Your patient’s guide to understanding the magical power of monitoring and tracking. This beautiful slide deck comes complete with note pages for easy implementation for you!
    • Topics included in this presentation:
      • What is a Food and Activity Log
      • Benefits of Tracking
      • How to Track in Different Ways
      • Time to Practice
    • Noticing Hunger and Fullness Handout: Navigating hunger cues (hunger and fullness) is a simple, yet easy, compass to initiate self-discovery around food.
    • One Week Food and Activity Log: A map to your patient’s eating and activity habits, helping you both (client and provider) better understand their personal health landscape.
    • Refillable PDF Food and Activity Log: A magical refillable document that adapts to your patient’s everchanging needs!


Toolkit Benefits For Your Clients:

  • Self-Discovery Magic: Unveil the secrets of their habits, leading to a better understanding of their health.
  • Nutrition Insights: Learn about their food choices and help them make informed decisions for a happier life.
  • Activity Mastery: Track their movement and help them groove into a healthier, more active lifestyle.


Why You, the Wellness Leader, Will Love It Too:

  • Ready-to-Go Presentation (white label): No need to script slides; everything you need is ready to go!
  • Done-for-You Handouts: white label handouts allow you to modify the resource to your brand and messaging (as needed).
  • Time Savings: Reduce your stress load and expand your nutrition services by offering a masterclass on monitoring and tracking (hint: it allows your clients to decide what they want to track).


Ready to take back your time and reduce your stress load while also helping your clients embark on their journey of self-discovery?


Grab the Monitoring and Tracking Toolkit and let the magical tracking adventure begin! 🌟📝

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