Kitchen Essentials Checklist – 75+ Items (FREE PDF)

Image of utensils in a kitchen

Your kitchen essentials checklist is here! Setting up a kitchen can be a long process that can lead to missed meal opportunities if you (or your clients) don’t have the right tools. As a dietitian, I often have clients ask me what kitchen tools they need to prepare more meals at home. Use this simple […]

A Quick Guide for Dietitians Offering Telehealth Nutrition Counseling (FREE Checklist)

Image of someone holding a tablet.

Dietitians are now offering more telehealth nutrition counseling services than ever before. This leads to exciting new opportunities, but it can also lead to feeling overwhelmed. Have you wondered how to set-up your computer and work-space for your virtual appointment visits? This post will guide you through the process, including lighting, camera set-up, and how […]

How Dietitians Can Use Health Fairs in Their Business

Image of 3 people standing and talking

When it comes to marketing your nutrition practice, Dietitians and Nutritionists may not think about health fairs as a great marketing tactic. Read on to learn how to use health fairs to market your nutrition business and why you should be putting them on your radar as you build your nutrition business.  What Is a […]

Key Differences Between Dirty, Lazy, and the Clean Keto Diet

Image of foods found on the keto diet

The Clean Keto Diet is one of the latest versions of the ketogenic (keto) diet. With so much information swirling around about the various keto diets, you and your patients are probably feeling confused. You are not alone! As you know, keto and low-carb diets are very controversial. As dietitians and nutrition experts, we try […]

Simplifying the ADIME Format for Nutrition Notes (FREE PDF)

Simplifying the ADIME Format for Nutrition Notes

Using the ADIME format when writing your nutrition note does not have to be complicated or confusing. In fact, a better understanding of the ADIME process can help you organize the flow of your appointments using the nutrition care process. Read on to see how ADIME can work for you and your clients. What is […]

How to Make Deer Jerky in the Oven

Image of deer jerky in a ziploc bag - How to Make Deer Jerky in the Oven

Want to know how to make deer jerky in the oven? My husband went hunting with a couple of friends this year. All three were successful in bringing home meat for their families, which has been such a gift with the increased cost of food. We are so grateful. While at hunting camp, my husband […]

Fridge to Freezer Grape Jelly

Images of grapes on a vine - Fridge to Freezer Grape Jelly

Let’s talk fridge to freezer grape jelly! Recently, our sweet neighbors reached out asking if we wanted some of their concord grapes for canning. They mentioned critters (racoons or possums) were snacking on the grapes at night. This confirmed the grapes were ripe for picking, and they knew they were overloaded with excess. Thus, they […]

Dress Code Jury Duty and 9 Other Valuable Lessons Learned

Image of a jury box - Dress Code Jury Duty and 9 other Valuable Lessons

Dress Code Jury Duty and 9 Other Valuable Lessons Learned during my recent jury summons. My work for The Dietitian Resource was put on hold for a few weeks in October and November. I received my first juror summons. The summons said the case could run up to three weeks!  All I had to do […]

Is There a Difference Between a Dietitian and Nutritionist?

Is there a difference between a dietitian and nutritionist - image of various foods on a counter and someone holding food in a bowl

Is there a difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist? Absolutely! But, believe it or not, the answer isn’t that simple. The Oxford definition for nutritionist is, “a person who is an expert on the relationship between food and health.” There is no regulation on how the term nutritionist is used.  Nutrition certifications vary based […]

13 Examples of SMART Goals for Dietitians

Image of chalkboard - 13 Examples of SMART Goals for Dietitians

Are you looking for examples of SMART Goals for Dietitians in practice? You have come to the right place! Goal setting is such an important part of patient care in any dietitian appointment.  It guides the conversation and supports the monitoring and evaluation process in follow-up appointments. Before we jump into the 13 examples of […]

The FITT Principle for Muscular Strength (A Tool for Dietitians)

The FITT Principle for Muscular Strength (A Tool for Dietitians) - image of various sized dumb bells.

Using the FITT Principle for muscular strength is a great way to help patients better understand how to include strength training to achieve their health goals. As dietitians, we regularly talk to our patients about various areas of health, including physical activity. Strength training is a key part of physical activity, and it can significantly […]